Ranges and gun clubs in Manitoba

This page is my attempt to make a comprehensive list of gun clubs and ranges in Manitoba. I am not actively looking for clubs in Northwestern Ontario, but if you run or are part of a club west of Thunder Bay I'd be happy to put your information on the site. If you know of any information on this page that's wrong or want something added to this page, please send me an email: Chris <firearms@drclaw.ca>. Thanks to all those who have sent in information so far.

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- Ranges in Northwestern Ontario.
- An explanation of Townships, Ranges, and Sections.

Outside of Winnipeg
Belmont Gun Club
Evergreen Firearms Museum
East boundary of Belmont
NW21-5-15, RM of Strathcona [?]
Box 57
Belmont, MB
R0K 0C0

Brandon Wildlife Association
The BWA range is approximately a 1/2 mile south of Richmond Ave at 49th Street E. It's on the other side of the bypass at the combine salvage yard. (map)
Non-restricted & restricted PAL, hunter safety, IPSC Black Badge

Border Lane Shooting Association
East of Gretna, MB

Brokenhead River Game and Fish Association
See website for more information.

If anyone has any information on ranges or clubs in the Dauphin area, please email me.

Dominion Outdoors Shooting Range
Highway 3 close to Morden and Winkler (see website)

Ethelbert Handgun Club
Box 296, Ethelbert, MB R0L 0T0
SW6-30-22W (Outdoor Pistol/Rifle)
20 Railway Ave., Ethelbert, MB (Indoor)
Our club has been operated since 1990. We have an indoor range with a restricted approval for handguns up to .44mag with lead bullets, and rimfire rifles. We also have an outdoor range with restricted approval for handguns and full bore rifle approval up to the .308 range template. Shooting at the indoor range is Saturdays at 19:00 May to October and 17:00 November to April. The outdoor range is remote and uncontrolled but is posted and has shooting tables and target stands.

If visiting or need further information contact one of the committee members listed above.

Flin Flon Handgun Club
Flin Flon Conservation Center
115 Green Street
Flin Flon, Manitoba
SEC 16 TWP 066 RNG 29 W
NE Section 16
#10 Highway

Fort La Bosse Classical Arms Gun Club
NE 5-11-25, RM of Wallace [?]
River Valley Road N
Virden, MB

Gimli & District Wildlife Association
I know nothing about this club except for the rarely-updated facebook page. Email me if you have more information.

Inter Mountain Handgun Club
15-25-22W, RM of Gilbert Plains [?]
Gilbert Plains, MB
If you have any information about this club or know of a website for it, please email me.

Lac DuBonnet Wildlife Association Range
Range being built in 2022 (see web page for plans).

The Pas Firearms Association
P.O. Box 2162
The Pas, MB
R9A 1L8
2 1/2 km west of junction of PTH 10 and PR 287
Trap, Rifle, and Handgun
Is there a website for this club?

Pembina Triangle Trap Club Inc.
6.5km south of the junction of highways 3 & 23 (see https://manitobatrapshooting.com/clubs/).
Pembina Triangle is a trap-shooting club (no rifle or hand gun ranges).

Portage Plains Gun Club Inc.
63088 Road 40 West (GPS N 49 56.298' W 098 22.814')
4.2 km south/west of the Portage by-pass at Yellowquill Trail (Days Inn/Dakota Tipi turnoff) and then turn left at corner of Rd.40W & Rd 64N and go 0.7 kms South. (Site 63088 Rd 40 West).
Certified for handgun and rifle. The club has 5 trap ranges.

St. Hubertus Games and Fish Association
3.5 miles east of Highway 59 on Rd 85N at the corner of Rd 85N and Rd 35E (near Libau)
6 position rifle range up to 200 meters. Trap & clay shooting. No handgun range.

Section 8 Shootin' Shack
3/4 of a mile north of Olha, MB
$75/year Family membership
Bill Klein
Private 25 meter handgun range. Open year-round, weather permitting. Call before coming out to make sure no courses or functions are scheduled.

Selkirk Game & Fish Association Inc. / Selkirk Game & Fish Handgun Club
SE 13-14-5E, RM of St. Andrews [?]
Road 80 North
East Selkirk
GPS: N 50° 10.962', W 096° 45.572'

Seven Sisters Falls Wildlife Association
74081 Homestead Road East of Seven Sisters Falls off PR 307
Club email: seven.sisters.falls.wildlife@gmail.com
Marc Ruta (President), 204-340-6277
Gary (Chairman & memberships) 204-348-2006
Single $80.00, Family $90.00 (January to December no prorating, cash or cheque only)
https://www.facebook.com/SevenSistersFallsWildlifeAssociationInc/ (Broken link, does a new site exist?)
500 meter rifle range (planning to extend to 1000 yards). 2 shooting benches in heated building. 4 outside benches. 4 pistol bays inside building (unheated). Modified 5 stand shotgun range one automatic thrower available at all times (supply your own clays). Clay shooting every Wednesday all summer, clays and ammo supplied. Any questions contact Marc.

Shilo Gun and Archery Club
Matthew Aseltine
Box 380
Shilo, Manitoba
R0K 2A0
CFB Shilo gun club CAF Connection page

Steinbach Game & Fish Gun Range
4 miles East of Steinbach on Road 36N in the R.M. of Ste. Anne.
Our rifle range is 100 yards with 6 benches to shoot from under a roof. The handgun range is 25 yards.

Swan Valley Handgun Club
NW 5-37-26, RM of Minitonas [?]
Swan River, MB

Thompson Handgun Club
Thompson Wildlife Association
Not listed on the website.
55°40'49.1"N 97°54'35.3"W (East of Highway 6 south of town).

Wawanesa Gun Club Inc.
Keith Elder
Box 132
Wawanesa, Manitoba
R0K 2G0
Does this club still exist?

White Wolf Shooting Range
Highway 59 about 50 minutes north of Winnipeg.

Winkler Junior Rifle Club
John Hildebrand
155 7th Street South
Winkler, MB
R6W 2N2
Not sure if this club still exists. All the pages pointing to it are dead.

In or close to Winnipeg
Firing Line Gun Club
439 Turenne Street
Winnipeg, MB
R2J 0S5

Fort Garry Gun Club (1985) Inc.
(Any info about the Fort Garry range or club would be appreciated.)

Gateway Gun Club Inc.
871 Gateway Road
Winnipeg, MB
R2K 3L1
No web page??

Manitoba Provincial Rifle Association
145 Pacific Ave. (Sport Manitoba building)
Winnipeg, MB
R3B 2Z6
St. Charles Rifle Range
Saskatchewan Ave., just west of the Perimeter Highway
(Google Map)

Manitoba Provincial Trap Association
520 Collegiate Drive
Winkler, Manitoba
R6W 1B8
Don Smith

Winnipeg Revolver & Pistol Association
1201 Miller Rd
West St Paul, Manitoba
Google Map
No longer offered.

Manitoba Skeet Shooting Association
145 Pacific Ave. (Sport Manitoba building)
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3B 2Z6

Winnipeg Trap & Skeet Club
188 Carriage Rd
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2Y 0M1
Shooting Federation of Canada club #240070

Xtreme Gun Shoooting Centre
141 Larche Avenue East
Winnipeg, MB
Offers a variety of handguns that can be rented to shoot at the range.

Northwestern Ontario
Lake of the Woods Gun Club (LWGC)
Near Kenora, 4 KM north of the 17A bypass and the Minaki Hwy.

Understanding Section-Township-Range Addresses

If you grew up in the city, like me, you might not know about how addresses work outside of towns and cities.

Section/Township/Range sample imageRural areas in Manitoba are divided up into grids with Townships running East-West and Ranges running North-South. Each Township-Range grid square is divided into 36 sections, each a mile square (so 640 acres per section, by the way). The sections are numbered 1-36 starting in the South-East corner (section 1) towards the South-West corner (section 6) then zig-zagging up to the North-East corner (section 36). So Section 12 is directly North of Section 1, and Section 13 is directly North of Section 12. The lines you see on a Municipality map aren't just map lines, but are mile roads and highways.

The compass direction before the Section-Township-Range numbers tells you what side of the Section you're looking for. For example N 5-13-5E tells you that you're looking for the North side of section 5 in Township 13 in Range 5E.

The Manitoba Land Initiatives website has Section/Township/Range maps for each municipality. Choose "Download Digital Maps" then "Municipal Maps" (on the left-hand side) to get a list of the available maps.

As noted on the Manitoba Land Initiatives site, it is no longer being updated as of 2022. The new site for this information is called Data MB (https://geoportal.gov.mb.ca/). I haven't yet figured out how to get simple Section/Township/Range maps out of that site, but I'll update the page with more details when I do.